About Us

Even is reinventing personal audio with breakthrough technology and products that tune sound to each listener’s unique hearing with our patent-pending Even EarPrint. As a veteran group of sound designers, acoustic engineers, mastering technicians and audiologists, we are the first to highlight the unique and beautiful differences in each individual’s hearing by delivering personal audio hardware products and software solutions that quickly and easily understand and tune personal sound to each ear.

We have embedded our technology within the music streaming service category and are teaming up with some of the biggest and most respected names in the audio industry to bring Even’s EarPrint technology to as wide an audience as possible.

We also work closely with the Audiology department of the the University of The Pacific to continue our research and development of superior and ground breaking personal audio technology.
  • Makes you slap your forehead and wonder why every other product in its category hasn't worked this way forever. The Verge
  • Even earphones tune into your ears to deliver the perfect sound. Macworld
  • I could head every instrument like it was in surround sound. Every drum beat, crank and electric sound came through crystal clear along with the vocals. Tech Crunch
  • Press one button and how you listen to the music will change forever. The Verge
  • The new Even Over-Ear Headphones will blow your mind without blowing your ears. The Verge
  • Bottom Line: These earphones are the prescription glasses for your ears and using them was like turning on a light switch - our ears were finally able to 'see'. The Verge

Meet The Team

Mosi Shuchman
Eran Weitz
Ronen Hillel
Tomer Granit
Gustavo Lanzas
Ruthy Weill
Pamela Kramer
Kevin Leong