Frequently Asked


What's an "EarPrint"?

  • EarPrint is a term we coined for “this-is-the-way-you-hear-and-it’s-as-unique-as-your-fingerprint”. It’s our proprietary process for figuring out how you hear different frequencies of sound in each ear. It’s built into our Earphones—we use it to tune sound to each of your ears. To give you a sense of how it works, we created a demo so you can test it right now. It only takes about 90 seconds. You can immediately compare the difference in sound on one of 7 different music tracks. You’ll also get a visual diagram of your own EVEN EarPrint! Try it now from our home page.

What do you mean by "we all hear differently"?

  • Like any other physical attribute, your hearing is unique to you. Your ears are complex and incredibly sophisticated pieces of machinery, and, like many other things in life, they change over time.
  • Your hearing capability is measured by your ability to hear different sound frequencies, from very low ones to very high ones. Each one of us, even with normal hearing, perceives or hears these frequencies at different levels of volume. One person can easily hear very high notes, and another one needs them to be very loud to perceive them at all. One person can hear quiet bass sounds, while another can’t hear them at all. It’s a physical thing.
  • But wait, there’s more: Not only does each and every one of us perceive these sounds differently, we also hear them differently in each ear. You can have excellent hearing of mid range frequencies in your right ear, and less ability to perceive them in your left ear. And again, this all changes over time (and, unlike wine or friendships, it doesn’t get better).

Does the EVEN EarPrint work on the EVEN H2s in passive mode?

  • Your EVEN H2s are active headphones, and the EarPrint system needs power to work - just like active noise cancellation. We've added the ability to continue listening even if the battery is dead through the audio cable, but since this is in passive mode, the EarPrint will be off till you charge the headphones. Luckily, a 1-hour charge will last 20 hours!

What’s does the “e” button on the earphone controller do?

  • The "e" or EVEN button is your gateway to the wonderful world of EVEN's Singular Sound Technology.
  • Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn your Earphones on or off. Then double tap on this button if you want to enter EarPrint setting mode. You should see a BLUE LED light. Once you set your EarPrint, you can toggle between “On” and “Off” to hear the difference! When your EarPrint is “ON”, you’ll see a SOLID GREEN LED light. When your EarPrint is "OFF", you'll see a FLASHING GREEN LED light.

What do the colored lights mean on the EVEN earphone controller?

  • On your EVEN earphone controller there is a tiny LED indicator light: A solid green light means your personal EarPrint is on. A flashing green light means your EarPrint is off. A solid blue light means you are in EarPrint set up mode. A flashing red light means your battery is getting low. A solid red light is what you should see when you are charging your battery.

Why do EVEN Earphones sound so awesome?

  • Well, that’s a great question. First of all, we took great care to manufacture the best sounding Earphones we possibly could, with incredible 10mm drivers.
  • But that’s not all, of course. Not by a long shot.
  • The way we like to explain it to people is this: think of it like glasses for your ears. You wouldn’t just randomly try on a pair of eyeglasses and expect them to magically fit your eyesight.
  • Same with your hearing.
  • Optimal, mind blowing, this-is-the-way-I-remember-music-used-to-sound-like sound comes from adjusting the audio you’re hearing to your own, unique… EarPrint. This is our patent-pending “Singular Sound Technology”, rocked by engineers and rolled by musicians.
  • We only tailor the frequencies you need in each ear, and the result is an immersive, better and mind blowing experience. This is the breakthrough the audio world has been looking for ever since the advent of noise cancellation. And it’s even healthier!

Can I use EVEN to talk on the phone?

  • Absolutely. Your EVEN controller comes with the standard Volume “Up” and “Down” buttons and a “receive call”, “play” and “pause” functionality. When you answer calls, our Singular Sound Technology makes even talking on the phone a much better experience.

Why do you say it's even healthier?

  • Ok, let’s talk psychoacoustics for a second. Psychoacoustics is the scientific study of sound perception. It turns out that hearing is a more intricate process than just the mechanics of the ear. The mind interprets sound and volume in an astonishing array of ways, but basically we feel as if the music has more detail, especially in very low and very high frequencies, at relatively higher volumes.
  • That’s one of the reasons we crank up the volume. Also, if your hearing is skewed in such a way that you can’t hear bass frequencies in your right ear (for example), you also crank up the volume--but that affects all frequencies, in both ears. Now that’s just plain wasteful.
  • EVEN’s breakthrough Singular Sound Technology only addresses the frequencies you need, thus enabling you to hear better--with less volume. And less volume is healthier.

There are "eq" settings on my phone. How is this different?

  • The EQ settings you might be familiar with are trying to create a better sound based on the common attributes of a specific genre. But they do not take into consideration how you, yes - you, hear. If, after you’ve created your EarPrint and you’re rocking to some music you love and you feel like giving it more “Oomph”... knock yourself out! But first, make sure you’ve optimized your listening experience with EVEN.

Can I have more than one EarPrint?

  • With your EVEN Earphones you can store just one EarPrint at a time. However, it only takes two minutes to reset. So we encourage you to reset / retest every six months. Stay tuned as our features expand.

How long does it take to charge and how many hours does that support?

  • The battery on EVEN Earphones should give you at least 12 hours of personalized listening. It takes less than an hour (52 minutes) to fully recharge the battery with the micro USB charger that comes with your Earphones.

What is the frequency range of your EarPrint?

  • From 125hz to 14Khz, eight frequencies in each ear. Standard hearing tests use six frequencies--from 250hz to 8khz, as they are geared towards assessing a person’s ability to understand speech, which is typically located in the 1-8 Khz range. Since we are looking to give you the next generation music and podcast listening experience, we have widened that range substantially.

Does the controller work with iOS and Android?

  • Yes, the EVEN earphone controller is cross platform and works with both iOS and Android devices.

Can I use EVEN if I have been diagnosed with clinical hearing loss?

  • Absolutely, and we’ve had our fair share of incredibly moving reactions from people who suffer from hearing loss. But please bear in mind the EVEN is not a medical device nor is it a hearing aid. If you feel you have hearing issues, you should always consult an accredited Audiologist at

What’s the difference between EVEN and Hi-Res audio?

  • Imagine this: You’ve just bought the newest, shiniest, biggest, most awesome 4K UHDTV in the market and you’re sitting on the sofa, waiting to binge on whatever show rocks your world.
  • But, if you can't see very well, what’s the use of having 4000 pixels glare at you in Ultra High Definition?
  • This, in a nutshell, is the difference.
  • Hi-Res audio uses ultra high sampling and bit rates and is intended for use with ultra high definition audiophile gear. The debate still rages as to whether or not you can actually hear the difference between CD Quality audio and Hi-Res. It’s your personal preference.
  • Whether you love Hi-Res gear or not, if it’s not adapted to your hearing, you’re missing out.

Can I use my EVENs with hi-res audio devices?

  • Absolutely! DACs, AMPs and any assortment of audio goodies are most welcome.

Does it matter what kind of music I listen to?

  • Absolutely not. We optimize sound to fit your unique EarPrint, regardless of your predisposition towards 90’s grunge, 40’s crooners, The Kinks or a bit of Stravinsky.

How do I connect the cords to the EVEN Headphones?

  • Take out your EVEN cords with controller from the pocket of your Headphone case.
  • Plug the WHITE cord connector into the bottom socket of the Left Headphone and the BLACK cord connector into the bottom socket of the RIGHT Headphone. When you’re done listening, simply disconnect the cords from the Headphones and store in the pocket.
  • (Note: While your controller has a left and right, the Headphones are symmetrical, so just choose a side. Left is White, Black is Right.)

What are the “Bum Bum Bum” sounds I’m hearing?

  • These are audio alerts that your battery is running low and needs to be charged. You will hear two alerts before your EVEN Headphones power off.

What’s the best way to set my EVEN EarPrint?

  • First, find a quiet, comfortable spot. We can’t stress this enough. Once you’re in a quiet, comfortable spot (See! We’re stressing it!), put on the Headphones. Remember, Left is White, Right is Black. The EVEN Headphones do not need to be hooked up to any device (phone, tablet etc) for the EarPrint scan.
  • Second, hold down the “e” button on the controller for 3 seconds to power up the device. You’ll see a small, blinking green light as it turns on.
  • Next, double tap the “e” button on the controller to go into EVEN EarPrint mode. Our virtual guide, Sarah, will walk you through the process. You will hear 8 frequencies in each ear, starting with your right. The frequencies begin very softly and gradually get louder. As soon as you hear the faintest sound, press the “e” button. Sarah will then move on to the next frequency. Setting your EVEN EarPrint takes about 90 seconds. If you can’t hear a certain frequency, Sarah will simply move on the next one.
  • Once you’re done, Sarah will explain the next steps and the light will go from blue to flashing green. At this stage, your EVEN EarPrint is set and stored in the controller. Simply plug your EVEN Headphones into a playback device (phone, tablet etc), set the volume, and hit the “e” button to turn your EVEN EarPrint ON. When your EVEN EarPrint is ON, the light will show a steady Green. You can press the "e" button to turn On and OFF to hear the difference.
  • You can repeat this process as many times as you like until you’re satisfied with the result.

Can I reset my EVEN EarPrint?

  • Sure. Just double tap on the "e" button again. You can repeat this process as many times as you like until you’re satisfied with the result. We recommend doing it at least every 6 months.

Should I press the “e” button when I hear a faint sound or when I hear clearly?

  • You should try and press as soon as you hear a faint sound.

What do the lights mean?

  • Flashing green - Charged and ready for use, EVEN EarPrint is OFF.
    Steady green - Full battery charge or EVEN EarPrint is ON.
    Blue - In EVEN EarPrint scan mode.
    Blinking red - Battery low
    Steady red - Charging.

Where do I put the clip on the EVEN Earphone cords?

  • You should position the clip half way between the controller and your ears on one of the cords, then clip it to your shirt. Try not to clip it below the controller as it is less effective.

How do I store my EVEN Headphones?

  • Simply disconnect the cords from the Headphone casings and store them in the dedicated pocket in the case.

Do EVEN Headphones have a microphone?

  • Yes they do, and a very good one too! So feel free to use your EVEN H1's for phone calls and make yourself heard.

Why hasn't anyone else thought of this?

  • Hmmm… Dunno. We’re glad we did.

How can I get EVEN swag?

  • Write a review - get some awesome EVEN swag! (t-shirt, EarPrint poster etc.)

Are you going to make more products?

  • Yes. We have a comprehensive roadmap that extends far beyond the Headphone and earphone category. And once we know your EarPrint, we can move it around from device to device.
  • Wouldn't that be awesome?

How do EVEN Earphones comply with FCC rules?

  • EVEN Earphones comply with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Note that operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference; and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. The complete declaration of conformity may be found here.

Are EVEN Earphones compatible with the the iPhone 7?

  • Yes! Apple iPhone 7 ships with a 3.5mm jack to Lightning port adaptor, so you can plug in your EVENs easily.