E1 Earphones

The E1 Earphones features our patent pending EarPrint technology and state of the art design that provides superlative comfort and styling combined with unmatched sound personalization in real time.

EarPrint Technology

Even EarPrint Technology is our proprietary innovative interactive process to adapt sound to you and the way you hear, in each ear. As a result, Even delivers a breakthrough, fully-personalized listening experience.

Beautifully Made and Comfortable Enough to Wear All Day, Anytime

  • Unique and modern styling
  • Comfortable, interchangeable Earphone tips for long hours of continuous listening
  • Two-toned Earphones to easily differentiate what each ear can hear
  • Tangle-resistant, lightweight nylon cords

Uncompromising Bass, Warm Mids, Crisp Highs for a Remarkable Sound

Even creates the ultimate listening experience by combining the power of technology, sound and emotion with guidance from a team of musicians, sound engineers, software and hardware engineers.

In The Box

Carrying Case
Replacement Tips
Earphones & Controller
Charging Cable
Flap Clip

Tech Specs

  • Type
  • Headphone Jack
  • Drivers
    10mm Dynamic
  • Impedance
    32 ohms
  • Microphone
  • Battery
    Lithium Ion ~12hrs.
  • Weight
  • Hz Frequency Range
    20-20,000 Hz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
    (THD) <3%
  • dB Sound Pressure Level
    (SPL) 110+/-2dB
  • Controls
    Play, Pause, +/- Volume
  • Call Control
  • Remote


"I got my set today. WoW!!! These are great. The sound is fantastic & the bass response is intoxicating! Your product makes me feel high on music again. It's better than listening, its feeling. I've not felt this much about headphones EVER. Bravo!"

Eileen D. Phillips

"I just got the IEMs and they are just amazing. I get sound comparable to my Fostex TH900 and my Sennheiser HD800s full size headphones. I'm getting another pair for my wife.."

Jorge Arcay, AIA, LEED AP, ArCH

"These fantastic earphones have this old man re-listening to the Beatles and hearing them better than I used to as a teen."

Bobby Flippo

"Recently received my Even's. I've spent far too much $ on earbuds, cans, etc in the past. Tried pretty much everything only to be severely disappointed. These,however, are UNBELIEVABLE. Bravo. These blow away anything I've ever had. Congrats."

Ryan Ayanian

"I... find it very profound how much more detailed and pleasant music sounds to me. I highly recommend these... It is almost like experiencing my brain functioning at new levels or dimensions."

Steven Cravis, Composer and Musician

"It's a superb product"

Mark Hoggatt

"I worked for 35 years in a teaching hospital that had one of the largest ENT departments in this area. I am familiar with hearing loss and audiology. You seem to have put costly frequency correction and amplification into a very reasonable cost and self diagnostic package. Congratulations on a job well done."

Dennis Grote

"Hearing everything is fantastic. I can turn down overall volume."

Augusto Ariza

"Awesome innovation. Love the EarPrint set up. It sounded great."

Alex Kahn

"Great product. I have actually been long aware of a left-right imbalance in my hearing. The Even earbuds have solved that issue."

Bob Camba

"The build quality is great"

Daniel Berkowitz

"Great product, thanks. I'm thinking about ordering a back-up pair."

Christopher Hartley