“Totally Worth it” – Tom’s Guide, Editors Choice

February 13, 2018

The Even H2 Wireless Headphones meet at the intersection of good design and great functionality.




“When you think of headphones, you typically imagine jamming to your favorite music, not protecting your hearing. Headphone-maker Even is taking a “Why not both?” approach with its $229 H2 Wireless Headphones. Using a proprietary hearing test, the H2 creates a personalized “earprint” that enhances the weaker aspects of your hearing, creating a clean, crisp sound that you don’t have to jack up to maximum volume to enjoy. And it doesn’t hurt that the wireless cans are incredibly stylish and comfortable.



“Once I enabled the EarPrint feature, it sounded like a warmth was injected into my music, and I could hear more detail.”


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