“Even is transforming headphone technology” – BuiltinNYC

March 19, 2018

Everyone's comfortable with the idea of getting glasses when they start to have weakened vision [...] when it comes to our hearing, we're less likely to take action."



“Sound is everything for classically trained composer Danny Aronson. For decades, he’s been the talent behind music featured in commercials, documentaries and films — and now he’s shifting his focus to tech. Inspired by his love of music, Aronson worked with a friend to launch Even, a company producing headphones that use technology to understand and tune personalized sound to each ear.


Moving from music to tech isn’t as big of a leap as it may seem, as the audio tech industry has recently picked up speed with advancements like smart speakers and wireless earbuds. With Even, Aronson and his co-founder Ofer Raz are taking these advancements to the next level and transforming the analog, “one sound fits all” model of headphone technology.

“While our phones and many other devices have become quite ‘smart,’ our headphones are still pretty dumb,” said Aronson. “Ofer and I realized that if we followed some of the same principles used in other aspects of the latest technology — if we applied software to the hardware — we could create something truly groundbreaking.”

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