Don't get beat by Beats. Get EVEN.

June 14, 2018

Don't get beat by Beats!
Americans spend billions on headphones every year, but they are getting beat by a system that mistakes brand names for quality. Today, EVEN, a personal audio company with breakthrough adaptive sound technology, is pulling back the curtain on the "one-sound-fits-all" proffered not just by major headphone brands, but across all of personal audio, that poses as "innovation" and charges consumers a hefty premium.


With EVEN's Don't get beat by Beats campaign, the company urges consumers to re-consider the sound quality of their current headphones or earbuds of choice and to better understand what's missing. Just like eyesight, each person's hearing is unique, yet headphones, from Beats and Apple to Bose and others, are still built in a one-sound-fits-all model. Consumers are missing out on hearing music, television, podcasts and everything else in tune with their own ears. The campaign will feature a pop up experience in New York City, the introduction of EVEN's H3 Headphones and additional engaging consumer elements.


"We've launched our Don't get beat by Beats campaign because enough is enough. Consumers deserve better than what they're currently being told is high quality by companies spending millions on advertising over innovation to convince them of such," says Danny Aronson, CEO and Co-founder of EVEN.


"When personalized sound is experienced for the first time, listeners immediately understand what they've been missing," continued Aronson. "We want everyone to experience the award-winning EVEN EarPrint difference when sound is customized to the unique way you hear, in each ear. EVEN is thrilled to bring a personalized sound experience to consumers with our Pop Up Store and the introduction of the EVEN H3 Headphones."


EVEN is bringing personalized sound to New York City with an immersive Pop Up experience. Visitors can hear what they've been missing by creating their own EVEN EarPrint™ and listening to their favorite songs tailored to the way they hear, in each ear.

As part of the Pop Up experience, EVEN has partnered with legendary Brooklyn-based record store Human Head to bring everyone back to their music-loving roots where guests can browse and purchase their favorite vinyl. The store will feature upcoming and established artists throughout the month of June with live performances, record release parties, round table discussions with industry leaders, and more. Check out all of the events and register for your favorites at 

Visit the EVEN Pop Up Store at 130 Greene Street, New York, NY 10012.


EVEN is expanding its portfolio of adaptive audio products with the EVEN H3 Headphones. The next generation headphones follow the successful flagship H2 model, released in 2017, and feature the patented EVEN EarPrint technology, which was named one of Popular Science's Greatest Innovations of 2017 and continues to receive rave reviews from industry experts and consumers alike. EVEN headphones have global distribution, from the U.S. to the UK and Japan, with additional expansion set for 2018 and beyond, and its portfolio of products are available at and on


EVEN EarPrint technology is essentially glasses for your ears. Everyone hears differently, and EVEN's award-winning EarPrint technology allows users to create a personalized audio profile, which is a snapshot of an individual's hearing profile based on perception of different frequencies in each ear. Then, EVEN's headphones, or any product with the EarPrint technology built in, adjusts the way sound is delivered to each ear, creating a customized listening experience for every person.


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