EVEN concludes year-long EarPrint efficacy study with University of the Pacific's (UotP) Audiology Department

September 19, 2018

The ground-breaking research, conducted by a team of Audiologists from UotP with 97 volunteer  participants, compared Audiograms arrived at by traditional Audiometry procedures with EVEN's revolutionary, self-administered EarPrint process, and found that there is a high (above 90%) correlation between the two. 


"Results from this study provided evidence that consumer grade headphones could provide relatively accurate information regard the listener’s hearing status.

Within the range of its optimal performance, the Even headphones had consistent and stable threshold measurement that correlated well with those obtained from audiometers.




This suggests that when implemented properly, manufacturers could use these device-measured thresholds in their sound design and could potentially help improve the performance of auditory perception in individuals with hearing loss."



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