"Music listening is like taking a fingerprint" CNBC

October 8, 2018

Legacy brands and newcomers in the audio world are pushing boundaries to get you to ditch audio products pushed by big brands like Apple, Amazon and Google. Some of the new technologies available include 3-D audio and custom "earprints."







This start-up brand is focused on creating a bespoke listening experience. Even's H3 Wireless headphones are equipped with "EarPrint" software, which is tailored to the listener's hearing pattern. Customers take a hearing test that maps out their personal hearing pattern.

“Every traditional headphone you have ever tried has the assumption that you and I have perfect hearing,” said Even CEO Danny Aronson.


Even consulted audiologists and sound designers to develop the EarPrint technology, which automatically adjusts the sound based on where the listener is, whether in a quiet room or a subway.


"It’s the next step in the evolution of audio,” Aronson said.

For now, the headphones are available only online, and at Even's pop-up store in Manhattan running through Tuesday. However, Aronson said the company is looking into partnering with retailers by the end of the year. ”We are very mass market in our outlook,” he said.





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