Glasses For Your Ears®

We all hear differently, and a 50-year-old does not hear the same as a 16-year old.

Makes sense, right?

However, traditional headphones treat everyone the same with one-sound-fits-all products. They don't aim for anyone over 50.


Even headphones recognize these differences with patented EarPrint technology that learns and adapts music to YOUR unique hearing, so you can enjoy it like the first time, every time.

EVEN H4 Headphones


"The best reproduction of

my music I have ever heard."

Mick Fleetwood

Fleetwood Mac

"I use my EVEN headphones on a daily basis for mixing and critical listening.

I trust what I'm hearing."

Tony Black

Grammy® award-winning producer

Alicia Keys l Jay-Z l Michael Jackson 

Notorious B.I.G l Wu-Tang Clan

“EVEN’s EarPrint is like a fragrance one remembers.

It brings one back to when one’s ears were fresh.  

Emotional involvement with 

the music is greatly enhanced.”

Rob Fraboni

Grammy® award-winning producer

Bob Dylan | The Rolling Stones  

The Band | Eric Clapton | The Beach Boys

“EVEN’s EarPrint blew my mind.
It's simple, fast, and absolutely brilliant.

After listening to music with EVEN, you cannot go back.”

David Palmer

Drummer and producer 
The The l ABC l Duran Duran l Rod Stewart  
Ryuichi Sakamoto

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