Web conferences that rock.

As so many of us transition to working from home, spending all day in meetings can be even more draining than it is in the office. With the wrong headphones, a full slate of conference calls can take a heavy toll on your ears.

Not to worry, EVEN H4 headphones have got you covered. Specially designed for comfort and mobility, and with more than 20 hours of battery life, they’ll power you through the longest day of calls with ease.

– H4s feature a studio-quality microphone and patented EarPrint technology for healthy hearing - hear better for longer hours at a lower volume.

– EVEN H4 headphones are designed to be lightweight, with large cups that sit snugly on your ears.

Reliability – 20+ hours of battery life and dependable, long-range Bluetooth connectivity allow you to range around the house without worry.

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Glasses for your ears

Like eyesight, we all hear differently. That’s why we created headphones that adjust to your range of hearing. Our patented technology builds 
a unique mapping of both ears, we call this your EarPrint.

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After listening to music with EVEN headphones,
you cannot go back

David Palmer
Producer, composer and drummer
(ABC, The The, Rod Stewart)
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EVEN H4 Headphones

Personalized music,
available now for $139.99

The breakthrough EVEN H4s, with EarPrint technology, 
are available at Best Buy across the country.

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People who love music, love EVEN

The best reproduction of my music I have ever heard.
Mick Fleetwood
These awesome headphones adjust their sound based on how you hear.
These EVEN H4s are the high-end headphones I’ve been searching for!
Jared Harel
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