EVEN H4 Delivers Personalized Audio Enhancement Right to Your Ears

The Award-winning EVEN H4 Bluetooth headphones provide improved quality of engagement via individualized audio enhancement for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Discover the "Glasses for Your Ears" that are being hailed as game-changers for personal hearing by WIRED, TechCrunch, Engadget, Travel + Leisure, and Popular Science.

The EVEN H4 offers a patented, easy, and fast onboarding process for those wishing to enjoy improved crispness and audio when listening to music, watching television, consuming podcasts, or conversing with others via Zoom or phone.

Each user completes a 90-second threshold of hearing test that allows the computer chip within the EVEN H4 headset to adapt the sound to their specific hearing level. This process can be repeated as frequently as a user wants to achieve the most accurate sound-level compatibility possible. Here's a look at EVEN H4's cutting-edge features:

  •  Patented EarPrint technology.
  •  Studio-quality, MEMS microphone.
  •  A battery life exceeding 24 hours.
  •  Large, ultra-comfortable over-ear earcups.
  •  Free mobile app that allows multiple EarPrints.

The EVEN EarPrint technology was developed using algorithms based on psychoacoustic and audiology research with the University of the Pacific’s Audiology department and has been vetted and approved by peer reviews.

What this means for Hearing
Health Professionals

Those living with reductions in hearing don't have to be shut out from entertainment and communication. EVEN H4 Bluetooth headphones bring improved hearing to people in their homes. Recent increases in at-home entertainment viewing, ZOOM meetings, and telehealth mean that more people are looking for innovations for hearing better when they're plugged in. This provides a unique opportunity for audiologists to fulfill that need by offering this product directly and exclusively to clients.


Would you like to have a member of the EVEN H4 team contact you about bringing this innovation directly to your patients?

Countless audiologists are already providing access to EVEN H4 headphones to their clients. Now you can too.

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