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New to here and got questions? Hopefully we can answer them below!

What's an "EarPrint"?
What do you mean by "Glasses for your ears®"?
How do I pair my EVEN H4s?
What's the return and warranty policy?
Can I use EVENs to talk on the phone?
How does the EVEN EarPrint app work?
Can I store more than one EarPrint?
Why do you say EVENs are healthier?
What’s the best way to set my EVEN EarPrint?
Does the EVEN EarPrint work in passive mode?
My EVENs appear to be connected via bluetooth. Why is my music playing out of my phone?
What does the white button on the left ear cup do?
What do the LED indicators mean?
How long does it take to charge and how many hours does that support?
Do EVEN headphones have a microphone?
What is the frequency range of your EarPrint?
Can I use EVENs if I have been diagnosed with clinical hearing loss?
Can I use my EVENs with Hi-Res audio devices?
Can I reset my EVEN EarPrint?
Does it matter what kind of music I listen to?
While setting my EarPrint, should I press the white button (or “EVEN” button) when I hear a faint sound or when I hear clearly?
I don’t like hearing low battery reminders. Is there a way to turn those off?
How do I store my EVEN headphones?
Is there somewhere I can view the H4 user manual?
How do EVEN headphones comply with FCC rules?

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