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Mickey Revenaugh
Nov 23, 2019
So THAT’S What Lizzo Really Sounds Like (and Coltrane Too) -- Thanks, Even H4!

There was a time maybe 10 years ago when I listened to music pretty regularly -- jazz, alternative rock, vintage country, whatever pop hit was the flavor of the day. Then I woke up one day to a persistent ringing in my ears, which I noticed standing in the quiet pre-dawn of my Brooklyn kitchen. “Tinnitus,” the doctor said, making sure I knew how to pronounce it properly, with the emphasis on “tin.” Since I had not been exposed to loud explosion or other ear blast, my tinnitus would be one of the millions of cases with no known cause and no cure. “I trace mine to the third row of a Bruce Springsteen concert in the mid 1990s,” the doctor said, gesturing to his own ears. “You learn to live with it.” And so I did, barely noticing in my blessedly noisy city. Except when it came to recorded music, which was so flattened and overlaid by the persistent, high-pitched buzz in my ears that I lost my taste for it. Until I got Even! I was attracted to the Even H4 headphones by the “glasses for your ears” promise and their beautiful wood design. Once I got my hands on a set, I downloaded the Earprint app right away, and let audio bot Sarah guide me through the process. (Sarah’s encouragement countered my momentary despair at struggling to hear any sample sounds in the higher registers.) My personalized Earprint in place, I went immediately to my long-untouched jazz favorites and was amazed to hear once again a depth and range of sound I’d been missing. The Even H4 headphones work so well -- and are so awesomely comfortable to boot -- that I’m now catching up on playlists and artists recommended by friends who didn’t know all I’d been listening to lately was the zinging whine in my head. Turns out Lizzo and Even H4 together are the perfect cure!

Jim Hussey
Nov 20, 2019
Great sound!

I didn't think I had lost much hearing, but it turns out I have been missing the higher frequencies With the ear print technology I hear it again. You have a button to turn it on and off, so every once in a while, I check the difference. sure enough, its obvious. I tried an earlier version, on the ear, and didn't like them. Now that they have added a model cupping the ear, I jumped in. I got a bluetooth converter for my tv on Amazon for less than $10 and now I'm set up.

Mick Fleetwood
Fleetwood Mac
Aug 28, 2019
The best reproduction of my music I have ever heard.

Jared Harel
Aug 27, 2019
These EVEN H4s are the high-end headphones I’ve been searching for!

These EVEN H4s are the high-end headphones I’ve been searching for! As a gigging musician (drummer) and lover of live music, I’ve unfortunately put my ears through a lot of wear and tear over the years, so it’s been a while since I’ve heard music this clear and dynamic sounding through headphones! The EVEN headphones have you take this simple (2-minute) hearing test in order to create your own personalized ear-print! Very cool, cutting-edge stuff. Great battery life. Comfortable and sleek, plus I love the wooden shell-design. Highly recommended. A++++

Peel Trident
Aug 10, 2019
These things are for real

I bought these to replace a pair of Urban Ears Plattan ADV headphones that I'd beaten to death. I'll admit I was skeptical that the EarPrint tech would really make a difference, or worse yet, would color the sound and make it sound artificial. Well, after running through the setup in the app, I'm a convert. The improvement in the sound after setting up my personal EarPrint is noticeable, without at all sounding like someone just applied a basic "smile curve" to boost the bass and treble. Music sounds balanced and natural - with much more clarity than my previous headphones or even higher end earbuds I've used in the past. Dialogue in movies and TV shows is clear as well, even on a plane. Although these aren't noise-cancelling, the over-ear design is much more comfortable than my previous on-ear Urban Ears and blocks out a surprisingly large amount of outside noise. I've now used these on two cross-country flights and found them to sound better with longer battery life than my Urban Ears Plattan ADV Bluetooth. The included travel case is nice, flat and an easy shape to pack. Honestly wasn't expecting a case at at this price point. The design is slick but low-key, which is exactly what I was looking for. I've already recommended these to a few friends and coworkers. Definitely worth checking out.

Aug 9, 2019
Great for traveling

Everything is great, they may not be noise canceling but, you hear very little with them on. The music quality that's produced is excellent.
Mar 31, 2019
These awesome headphones adjust their sound based on how you hear.

EVEN makes headphones that literally redefine the way you listen to music. We tested the earbuds next to a similar pair by Bose, and the sound quality and clarity seriously blew us away.

Aug 26, 2018
EarPrint technology builds a custom sound profile as unique as your ears.

EarPrint hearing test customizes the sound signature for your ears, and it works. Reasonably priced. Comfortable on-ear design. Good sound quality. 20 hours of battery life.

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